Unakite is an incredibly unique and beautiful type of Granite, named for the Unaka Mountains in North Carolina where it was first discovered. Featuring a patchwork of olive green, pink hues, orangey-red and other tones, no two Unakite stones are exactly alike – each offering its own distinct pattern that’s unlike anything else. Along with its vibrant visual appeal, Unakite also brings an energy of tenderness and development to the wearer, surging their lives with the healing powers of both green and pink energies. All this means that when it comes to purchasing gemstones, Unakite is simply a must-have!

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Unakite’s history and lore

With its gentle yet unmistakable beauty, Unakite has captivated hearts since its first discovery more than a century and a half ago. Tucked away in the majestic Appalachian Mountains, this remarkable stone was first noted by pioneering geologist Frank Bradley of East Tennessee State University. Possessing both strength and stability, Unakite also defies temperature fluctuation – a testament to the land-shaping tectonic forces that created it in an age long past. Carrying within each piece untold stories of nature’s grandeur, Unakite holds an enduring fascination with anyone lucky enough to marvel at its unique properties.

Unakite’s physical appearance and properties

Unakite is a captivating stone with its particular blend of greens, pinks and oranges. It has all the characteristics of an exquisite granite, featuring prominent colours such as olive green and pink hues, each exhibiting an entirely unique pattern that differs from the other. This fascinating stone has a very distinctive vibration which is a combination of healing energy represented by pink orthoclase and nourishing energy symbolised by green epidote – making it more than just a pretty surface.

Unakite’s metaphysical properties

Unakite’s vibrant, patchy mosaic of olive green, pink hues and an orangey-red colour produces a remarkably distinct and delicate vibration. This cosmic combination combines elements of both the healing and development infused by green and pink affection and purity resulting in an energising, nourishing force. Unakite is the perfect companion for anyone looking for emotional and spiritual balance in life. It is said to bring serenity to the wearer, creating harmonious connections that nurture the spirit from within. At the same time, its powerful Heart Chakra properties help us regulate our feelings, bringing more compassion and understanding into our relationships.