Mtorolite is a variety of Chalcedony from the small mining village of Mtoroshanga in Zimbabwe. The same mineral is available from Bolivia under the trade name Chiquitanita. Mtorolite bestows a light-hearted disposition to life and helps face up to worries and unpleasant matters. Mtorolite calms the entire auric field and promotes calm and peaceful feelings when worn or held in the hand. Chalcedony generally banishes fear, hysteria, depression, mental illness, and sadness.

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Mtorolite’s history and lore

Chrome Chalcedony was widely used in jewellery and seals throughout the Roman Empire. The mineral disappeared from use sometime in the 2nd century. It was only rediscovered in Zimbabwe during the 1950s. Today Mtorolite only occurs in Zimbabwe, principally near the small mining town of Mtoroshanga, located on the Great Dyke geological feature.

Mtorolite’s physical properties

Mtorolite occurs in complex plate-like deposits. This Chalcedony is coloured by chromium and tiny black specks of chromite, giving it that rich emerald colouring. But not all Mtorolite has the same appearance. Some specimens are a solid green colour, other varieties are cloudy and may contain large dark specks of Chromite.

This mineral should not be confused with the more common Chrysoprase, a green variety of Chalcedony coloured by particles of nickel. The two can be distinguished under a Chelsea colour filter, Mtorolite appears red while Chrysoprase appears green.

Mtorolite’s metaphysical properties

Mtorolite’s calming energy instils a peaceful demeanour and helps to stay open to new ideas. It eases feelings of hostility and irritability, encouraging balance and harmony within collectives. Mtorolite is attuned to the heart chakra and linked to the signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. It is connected to the Earth element and vibrates to the number 9.

Mtorolite is a natural support stone for all practices involving homoeopathy, plant essences, herbology, aromatherapy, and plant cultivation. It is an excellent stone for amplification in meditation. Mtorolite empowers you to move through life’s challenges with calmness and self-control. It has sweet and nurturing energy that nudges us into alignment with our gifts and priorities.