Every one of our rough crystals showcases nature's creativity, resplendent in all its unpolished glory.


Palmstones &
Worry Stones

Experience calm and peace wherever you go with Palmstones & Worry Stones - expertly crafted, tactile treasures made from natural gemstones handpicked for their unique healing properties. Add to cart and start living your zen life today!


With every facet reflecting the allure of nature's beauty, polished stones bring the beauty of minerals to life. 



Crystals for unblocking or balancing the seven energy centres of the chakra system.

The Mineralogist

Discover the beauty, complexity, and variety of the mineral kingdom. 

From the fiery depths of volcanic eruptions to the slow growth of mineral formations under the earth’s surface, every Crystal, Gemstone and Mineral Specimen in our collection is a work of nature’s art with a story to tell. Every crystal in our collection is ethically sourced, ensuring its beauty does not come at the cost of exploitation or environmental harm. With rich colours, intricate patterns, and intriguing textures, every crystal is hand-selected and carefully packaged for you. 

Our Crystals collection includes rare stones and classic favourites, carefully curated for their unique colour, form, texture, and healing properties. Our choice of Raw Crystals is a testament to the raw beauty of undistilled natural elements – natural crystals are in their purest, untouched state, with no cuts, polishing or treatments. Our Polished Crystals take centre stage in any décor – excellent for adding a touch of glamour to any setting, with their glossy, sparkling surfaces and stunning colours. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious beginner, we stock crystals to suit any taste.