There’s something about Raw Crystals that sets them apart from other stones. Perhaps it is their raw, unrefined beauty. Or maybe it’s because they are entirely natural and perfectly imperfect – just how you would find them if you were to pull them out from the Earth yourself. Whatever the reason, raw crystals have an allure that is hard to resist. Indulge yourself in an exquisite collection of ethically sourced, hand-selected, and carefully packaged Raw Crystals with The Mineralogie Company.

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When you think of crystals, you might picture polished, translucent gemstones. But not all crystals are so refined. Many of the most beautiful crystals can be found in their natural state, resplendent in all their unpolished glory. Each is a work of art created by nature over millions of years with diverse formations, colours, and textures, making them a beautiful addition to any space, be it your home, office, or sacred space.

Raw Crystals come in many shapes and sizes, from rugged chunks to sculptural wonders. Geodes always impress, with inside cavities crusted with sparkling crystals. Clusters form when several smaller crystals grow together, creating an intricate design. Crystal Wands have a pointed tip and are perfect for energy healing and meditation. While Chunks are rough, unpolished crystal pieces perfect for those who appreciate raw and natural beauty.

From mesmerising Amethyst to captivating Zoisite, our collection spans the entire alphabet, delighting passionate connoisseurs and beginners alike. This unparalleled beauty extends beyond just our raw crystals with our range of raw crystal jewellery, keychains, and home décor, where each piece bears the stamp of nature’s artistry. 

Imbued with potent energy frequencies that stimulate the mind, body and soul, Raw Crystals are the ultimate addition to your holistic wellness journey. Unlike their polished counterparts, raw crystals emanate an unfiltered and powerful energy that allows you to connect with their natural state and harness their metaphysical properties.

Every crystal has unique metaphysical properties – from Amethyst’s calming energy to Hematite’s grounding strength, there is a crystal to suit every need and intention. Whether you’re seeking to banish stress and anxiety, ignite creativity and passion, unlock intuition and divine guidance, or elevate your home decor to sacred heights, crystals can help.

Raw Crystals are not just spiritual tools but also beautiful pieces of nature that can bring a touch of wonder and inspiration to everyday life. Display them in your home or wear them as jewellery to benefit from their energy throughout the day. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting on your journey, there’s a Raw Crystal that’s perfect for you.