Are you looking to bring balance and harmony into your home? Citrine is a fantastic crystal with powerful energy, making it an excellent tool for bringing good Feng Shui into your life. In this blog post, we'll cover how to use Citrine around the home to maximise its positive effects and create a space that nourishes the body, mind, and soul. Read on to learn more about this beautiful gemstone and how you can use it to create good Feng Shui in every room of your house!

What is Citrine?

Add a burst of sunshine to any room with the gorgeous stone known as Citrine. Originating from the French word citron, it has long been associated with harnessing prosperity and positivity, making it a prized gem among many cultures. 

Citrine's Physical Properties 

Citrine is a type of Quartz that has been appreciated for its golden hue since ancient times. It owes its unique colour to its chemical composition, primarily silicon and oxygen. With a Mohs hardness of 7, Citrine is a gemstone that can be enjoyed for many years - perfect for jewellery meant to stand the test of time! This crystal can be found worldwide with deposits in the United States, Brazil, France and Madagascar. The coppery yellow hues of natural Citrine and beautiful warm tones of artificially treated Citrine make these jewels beloved amongst admirers and collectors alike.

Citrine's Metaphysical Properties

Citrine glows with the sun's radiant rays, magically drawing abundance and health to its keepers. Inherent in many shades of yellow, orange, and brown, this captivating stone is associated with the zodiac signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra. Every element of Citrine vibrates to the frequency number 6, and within the system of Chakras, it imparts distinctive energy to all, especially the solar plexus.

An excellent Feng Shui crystal for areas like Health (Tai qi) and Abundance (Xun), it runs on Fire and Earth energies that increase brightness in people's lives like burgeons of sunshine.

Citrine is known for transmuting rather than simply absorbing negative energy, so it can be used to avert harm and open up pathways of emotional release. Not only that, Citrine dispels fears and encourages the emotion of joy. If you want to attract happiness and balance in life, Citrine is your go-to gem. Many cultures have also used this yellow stone to manifest abundance, wealth, and mental clarity. 

How To Use Citrine For Good Feng Shui

Stimulate The Wealth Corner (Xun)

Could you use a bit of extra wealth in your life? Harness the abundance of Citrine to activate Xun - your home's wealth corner! It's simple: stand at the entrance of your home, look inside and identify which area lies to your far left - that's where Xun is located. To make it blossom with prosperity, add a piece of Citrine and set the intention to invite in financial enrichment. Remarkably, Xun isn't only associated with money; it is also linked to self-worth, so you can use this space as a reminder that you are worthy of all the beautiful blessings ahead!

Embrace Earth Element Energies

Rejuvenate your energy and embrace the abundance of stability, grounding, and nourishment that comes with the earth element. Inhale its power and longevity to give yourself invigorating mental clarity. Although all stones from the earth represent this energy, Citrine has a powerful affinity for connecting us to our rooted power – inviting us to be grounded in all aspects of life. Incorporate Citrine into your home or keep some close by in your pocket to activate its healing and transformative properties so you can tap into the universal balance of earth energy whenever you need it.

Cultivate An Abundance Mindset

Unlocking the power of Citrine to cultivate an abundance mindset starts with placing a piece of this vibrant stone in your wallet. As you do, visualise yourself opening up to receive wealth on all levels - mentally, emotionally and physically. Feel yourself welcoming financial success as new opportunities arise, along with the confidence to hold onto it for yourself. While harnessing the energy of Citrine allows for true wealth - generosity and economic gain - it does not ask that one be sacrificed for the other. Holding on and releasing can both be supported simultaneously.

Activate The Health Area (Tai Qi)

Activating your health area with Citrine is a fantastic way to energise and uplift your environment. Citrine's warm, earthy hue symbolises the energies of the Tai Qi area of your home, representing health and well-being from both natural and spiritual perspectives. Positioning a piece of Citrine in this powerful location will ripple life-inducing vibrations throughout the rest of your space, inspiring good health and vitality. Feel yourself blossoming like a beautiful orange stone when you bring its unique healing power into your environment – creating harmony through activating Tai Qi!

Summon Wealth To Your Workspace

Summoning wealth to your workspace can be easy when you have the sparkly presence of a Citrine by your side. Much like a lighthouse, this sunny yellow crystal radiates positive and prosperous vibrations throughout your workspace, attracting true abundance with the sheer power of its uplifting energy. Let its dazzling presence remind you to always stay thankful for the blocks of financial success at your fingertips. Embrace a fuller life at work and beyond by allowing the same warm and shimmery reminder that Citrine perpetuate success in every classroom, office, or home workplace.


Citrine symbolises wealth, prosperity, and abundance—using it in your home will create intense Feng Shui energy to fuel your life.

Place a Citrine crystal near the main door of your home to attract luck and welcoming energy for visitors. Hang a Citrine wind chime by your window to bring positive energy into the room and neutralise negative energy. Alternatively, placing multiple small pieces in each room will fill it with encouraging vibes. Remember to put some in your office or workspace as well!

With the careful placement of these gorgeous crystals, you'll feel empowered and ready to tackle anything the day brings.

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